K9 S1E1 Regenaration [SPOILERS]

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tarashnat - Posted on 15 November 2009

I wasn't too impressed with the pilot of the K–9 series. We have quite a contrived premise in this story and a supposedly menacing alien threat which does nothing other than stalk around and mark one of the leads with its snot. The script is quite a few notches below what we have come to expect with modern Doctor Who and its spin-offs. Hopefully, they will improve.

I must say that at least they are trying to build a new continuity and not hinge on old stuff or dark negative stuff like, hum, TORCHWOOD and SARAH JANE. I liked it but there are a few problems I had with it but not many. First, it's a kid's show first and foremost. Second, it doesn't have RTD behind it, thank God. Who is behind it? Mark DeVries who has made quality action adventure shows for over 20 years or more with OCEAN GIRL, THUNDERSTONE, GIRL FROM TOMORROW, and many many more, more recently with H2O,  all of them popular and all of them going beyond one season and more eps than the seasons we get from TORCHWOOD and SARAH JANE. Frankly, the one thing that bothered me was: why set this in London when the accents and sets are so obviously Australian/New Zealand. The lead kids are physically attractive and good actors thus far, the backgrounds of the boy and girl, the prof, and the time machine all mysterious enough to keep one interested and the action fast and furious. Okay the aliens look better than anything in Sarah Jane honestly but they do look like mini Gameras from the Japanese movies of the 60s, 90s and 2000s. Not a perfect pilot but certianly less boring than TW and Sarah Jane and to be mean, it doens't have, thank goodness, a has been character pining away for years without a life as the center, a whinging egotistical Doctor wannabe is not here. There's enough here for me to want more...   can't say the same thing about TW ever or the recent Sarah Jane season...yeyuck to them. If this is the only spin off to survive, I'd be happy.

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