Cliffhangers And Spoilers...

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 17 October 2015

Cliffhangers and spoilers. Has Doctor Who forgotten the difference?

I would imagine that this is not unlike a message in a bottle but it needs to be said... preview scenes which appear at the end of episodes after 'NEXT TIME' and 'TO BE CONTINUED' are little more than SPOILERS.

Think about it and ask yourself, 'Who sees those bits?' If you aren't held captive by an episode, have tuned out or wandered off, at its conclusion are you likely to come running back into the room waving your arms in the air in dramatic expectation to see whether you'll tune in next week for more of the same? More likely, those who view every frame of a given two part episode have every intention of seeing it through to its conclusion or they wouldn't be in a position for it to be spoiled with ANYTHING more than a CLIFFHANGER. Seriously, you ruin its effect by cracking open the door to the next episode.

Your opinion welcome.

Happy Travels!

Blue Box Bill


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Blue Box Bill, 


I agree with you. Unless they come from one person, I don't want any....SPOILERS. I want shock..awe...excitement...tears...anger...etc. Also, the door (as you mention it) is only cracked ever-so-much that what we see/hear is often a misdirection or assumption. Then, sometimes - it is a spoiler most true.

Your posts made me think of the fairytale-like opening for Amy Pond's first or second series on BBC America. I think both are designed to help lure the casual viewer.

(Random comment - your recorded feedback....I always enjoy!  CHEERS!)

Kyle Jones

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